Our Story

Our Story


If you want to know me, then you must know my story. For my story defines who I am.

A man’s life is busy: work, social life, hobbies and sports make prioritizing and swift decision making absolute necessities. That’s equally true when you’re deciding what to wear.  Appearance matters and the right look can empower you, help you achieve your goals and give you a feeling of satisfaction and success.

That’s the essence of Schormand. Our collection makes achieving the right look for any occasion effortless. Simple, elegant Scandinavian design puts you in control, and a modern fit in timeless patterns and colors means your style choices are always on point. When you’re ready for the spotlight, Schormand gets you there in style.

Uncompromising quality is at the heart of everything we do at Schormand. Our suits are made from the finest Italian fabrics by today’s premiere European producers. Integrity and value are part of our DNA, and we believe that every client deserves service that’s personal and trustworthy. And we deliver the fashion you need within 24 hours, adjusted and in a perfect fit – every time.

From the first moment you choose us, you’ll feel and experience the Schormand difference. We promise to stay true to that moment and give you the right look, the perfectly simple style you need, as your fashion partner for life.

Life is busy. Simplify it in style, with Schormand.

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